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Free Digital Forum
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24 August - 4 September 2020
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SPIE Optics + Photonics Digital Forum - we thank you for participating

Thanks for joining your colleagues online.
We know we all miss our annual in-person conference in San Diego, but thanks to your enthusiastic participation over 7,500 academics, scientists, and engineers were able to connect online during the Digital Forum. Amazing research in optical engineering and applications, nanotechnology, quantum science, and organic photonics was shared, products were demonstrated, and networking discussions had - thanks to your continued commitment to advancing science.

Remember, if you registered for the Digital Forum, you now have ongoing access to the conference content on the SPIE Digital Library. You can continue to review video presentations, posters, Plenary sessions, and manuscripts. Just sign in to your SPIE account to start accessing program content. See the links below for a top-level recap.

Here's hoping we are all back in San Diego next year. 
Until then, stay safe and continue the good work.

Mark your calendars:
Optics + Photonics 2021 in California 1 - 5 August
Call for Papers opens in October 2020.
Over 7,500
people registered

Keep scrolling for a quick look back, and the WE MISS YOU video.

Watch presentations of the 
2020 SPIE Society Awards

 View Award Videos

A glance back at the first week

Top 5 downloads by Digital Forum Symposium

Digital Forum Plenary Presentations

Hélène Perrin, Univ. Paris 13 (France)
Quantum Gases in Ring Traps: From Quantized Flows to Supersonic Rotation

Gennady B. Shvets, Cornell Univ. (United States)
Active and Nonlinear Metasurfaces: Science and Applications

Hui W. Cao, Yale Univ. (United States)
Harnessing Disorder for Photonic Applications

Edward H. Sargent, Univ. of Toronto (Canada)
Optical Sources Based on Perovskites and Quantum Dots

Changhee Lee, Samsung Display Co., Ltd. (Korea, Republic of)
Quantum dots: Making the display brighter and more colorful

Karl Leo, TU Dresden (Germany)
Organic solar cells: From a lab curiosity to a serious photovoltaic technology

Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci, Johannes Kepler Univ. Linz (Austria)
From organic electronics towards bio-organic systems

Ana Claudia Arias, Univ. of California, Berkeley (United States)
Vital signs monitoring enabled by flexible organic array of printed devices

Laura Waller, Univ. of California, Berkeley (United States)
Computational microscopy with scattering media

Best Student Paper Award Winners for 2020

The Active Photonic Platforms XII Best Student Paper Award Winners

First Place, Best Student Paper (tied)

Martin Thomaschewski, Univ. of Southern Denmark (Denmark) 
Paper Title: Lithium niobate plasmonic electro-optic switches  
Paper 11461-59

Soham Saha,
Purdue Univ. (United States)
Paper Title: Lithography-free all-optical switching from the telecom to the mid-infrared regime with transparent conducting oxides  
Paper 11461-60

Second Place, Best Student Paper (tied)

Hyungki Shim,
Yale Univ. (United States)
Paper Title: Maximal free-space concentration of electromagnetic waves  
Paper 11461-12

Fabrizio Riminucci,
Univ. del Salento (Italy)
Paper Title: Electrically controlled exciton polariton waveguide laser  
Paper 11461-54



See the many ways SPIE Staff miss you. Nothing can ever replace the in-person meeting.

Until next time, thanks for connecting with us online!

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2020 SPIE President
John Greivenkamp
welcomes you to the
Optics + Photonics Digital Forum

Thank you to these SPIE Optics + Photonics 2020 Volunteers

      Symposium Chair
      Reuven Gordon, Univ. of Victoria (Canada)
      Symposium Chair
      Natalia M. Litchinitser, Duke Univ. (United States)
      Symposium Cochair
      Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, The Univ. of Queensland, (Australia)
      Symposium Cochair
      Mark L. Brongersma, Geballe Lab. for Advanced Materials (GLAM) (United States))

      Symposium Chair
      Zakya Kafafi, Lehigh Univ. (United States)
      Symposium Chair
      Ifor D. W. Samuel , Univ. of St. Andrews (United Kingdom)

      Optical Design
      Program Chair: José Sasián, Wyant College of Optical Sciences, Univ. of Arizona (United States)
      Optical Alignment, Testing, and Fabrication
      Program Chair: H. Philip Stahl, NASA Marshall Space Flight Ctr. (United States)
      X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Particle Technologies
      Program Chairs: Ralph B. James, Savannah River National Lab. (United States) and
      Ali M. Khounsary, Illinois Institute of Technology (United States)
      Optics and Photonics for Sustainable Energy
      Program Chair: Peter Bermel, Purdue Univ. (United States)
      Photonic Devices and Applications
      Program Chair: Ruyan Guo, The Univ. of Texas at San Antonio (United States)
      Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Propagation 
      Program Chairs: Stephen M. Hammel, Naval Information Warfare Ctr. Pacific (United States) and
      Alexander M. J. van Eijk, TNO Defence, Security and Safety (Netherlands)
      Signal, Image, and Data Processing
      Program Chair: Khan M. Iftekharuddin, Old Dominion Univ. (United States)

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