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SPIE Startup Challenge Network

Homan Yuen
Fusion Fund
Sujatha Ramanujan 
NextCorps; Luminate Accelerator
Matthias Wagner 
Cellino Biotech
Robert Bernath 
CREOL, University of Central Florida
Darius Sankey
Innovation Acceleration Capital
Sean Wang 
B&W Tek
Anjul Loiacono
Frank Levinson 
Small World Group
Anjul Loiacono 
Nicholas Mourlas 
Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Amit Mulgaonkar 
Mithril Capital
Andreas Popp 
Linda Smith 
CERES Technology Advisors
John Dexheimer 
LightWave Advisors
Mark Wippich 
LightWave Advisors
Thomas Dudley 
Boston University
Lynore Abbott 
Logical Marketing
Marc Himel 
MKS Instruments
Hariharan Subramanian
Northwestern University

Join the Startup Challenge Entrepreneurship community on Slack

Connect with other founders, mentors, and investors in the photonics startup community. To join, send an email to innovation@spie.org with your LinkedIn profile and a short statement about why you want to join the community.