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Pathways to Involvement with SPIE

Early Career Professionals

SPIE Early Career Professionals have access to a unique set of resources designed to aid with developing careers, building futures, and widening professional networks.   

Below are some ways of becoming more involved with your Society - should you need any additional information, please contact SPIE Membership


  • Join the SPIE Career Lab - A Facebook Group for photonics career discussion.
  • Help translate outreach materials into different languages. We are aiming to translate both our science posters and outreach kit instructions into world languages.


  • Take optics and photonics outreach activities into a local school. We have a variety of outreach materials appropriate for all grades, we only ask a brief report and photos of the activities in return. For more information contact Tasha Chicovsky.
  • Volunteer to judge science fairs in your region or serve as a science fair project coach. We supply certificates and prizes on request, and ask for brief report and photos from the event for our science fairs page. For more information, contact Pascale Barnett.
  • Serve as evaluator/facilitator/advisor for student programs and student conferences. We need people who are interested in providing ad hoc volunteer services, such as judging grant applications, outreach contests, evaluating reports, and providing steering and topical advice to student conferences.
  • Serve on a conference program committee and solicit top papers for SPIE conferences.

Consistent volunteer Members of the Society often progress to the following roles:

  • Achieving Senior Member status
    SPIE Senior Members are Members of distinction who will be honored for their professional experience, their active involvement with the optics community and SPIE, and/or significant performance that sets them apart from their peers. Find out more
  • Serving on a technical conference Steering Committee or as a Conference Chair 
    Send an email to earlycareer@spie.org and tell us about your professional interests. We are continually working to identify early-career professionals as potential candidates to attend on-site conference planning meetings, where conference volunteers discuss the future direction of their technical areas at SPIE events.
  • Volunteering and receiving support as a Visiting Lecturer
    One of the many benefits of Membership in SPIE is the opportunity to interact with leading optics and photonics scientists and engineers; volunteer for the Visiting Lecturer program and be invited to give a talk on your area of expertise. 
  • Giving talks during student professional development events
    Unique opportunity to connect with the future innovators in optics and photonics
  • Serving on the Career Choices panel
  • Serving on a Society governance committee