Timothy Grayson - Mosaic Warfare

Timothy Grayson of DARPA presented "Mosaic Warfare" during the plenary session at Defense + Commercial Sensing 2019
23 April 2019

Dr. Timothy Grayson presented “Mosaic Warfare”, DARPA’s strategy for conducting joint multi-domain battle at speed. Instead of focusing on developing new, highly capable platforms, Mosaic Warfare focuses on speed and adaptation; networking sensors; command and control; and effects together across domains to form kill chains that adapt to dynamic threats and environments. Unlike today’s monolithic systems and rigid architectures that take decades to develop, Mosaic Warfare will utilize rapid machine-to-machine interoperability and AI to network manned and unmanned systems together, creating resilient and distributed architectures at campaign, and eventually, mission speeds. Dr. Grayson will introduce the audience to this Mosaic Warfare concept, and discuss both key technology enablers and challenges that will need to be addressed to make it a reality.

Dr. Timothy Grayson is is the director of the Strategic Technology Office (STO) at DARPA. In this role, he leads the office in development of breakthrough technologies to enable warfighters to field, operate, and adapt distributed, joint, multi-domain combat capabilities at continuous speed. These technologies include sensing, communications, and electronic warfare technology and the supporting tools and decision aids needed to compose, integrate, and operate complex combat architectures. Dr. Grayson came to STO in 2018 from a varied career in government and industry. Most recently he was the founder and president of Fortitude Mission Research LLC, a consulting company specializing in organizational and operational strategy development and technology analysis related to defense, security, and intelligence. His primary client was DARPA, and in this role, he provided direct support to the Deputy Secretary of Defense’s Modernization Study, of which DARPA was the lead in the fall of 2017. Dr. Grayson helped spearhead the project that resulted in “A Blueprint for Winning,” a framework for how to modernize the Department for the 21st century. Dr. Grayson has extensive government experience. He spent several years as a senior intelligence officer with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the Directorate of Science and Technology and culminating in a tour at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Prior to the CIA, Dr. Grayson was a program manager and senior scientist at DARPA. He initiated new programs in space situation awareness and networked sensing and also managed DARPA’s quick reaction program portfolio, successfully deploying technology to Afghanistan during the early days of Operation Enduring Freedom. Dr. Grayson holds a doctorate in physics from University of Rochester, where he specialized in quantum optics, and a Bachelor of Science in physics from University of Dayton with minors in mathematics and computer science.

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